Special Courses

Bioclimatic Earth

Bioclimatic Earth – Inaugural Session

A two-week course organized by the Auroville Earth Institute
Conducted by Omar K. Rabie, SMArchS MIT, MSc AA

The immemorial tradition of building with earth proves the capacity of versatile earth construction techniques to adapt to varied bioclimatic regions. This two-week design workshop will reinvestigate earth architecture predominantly through environmental reasoning. This intensive design workshop aims at providing designers with the knowledge needed to evoke their sensibility to simultaneously design with earth and with climate.

AGP Earth & Bamboo Image

Earth & Bamboo – 4 to 5 courses per year

A five-day course organized by Auroville Green Practices
Co-taught by Auroville Earth Institute & Auroville Bamboo Centre

Earth and bamboo are two materials which have been used together for a wide range of traditional construction techniques in Southeast Asia. Both materials are locally abundant and affordable materials with a very low carbon footprint. Both are known to be materials of the people. And both are materials which can be used for crude self-construction or with highly engineered precision. Are earth and bamboo only materials of the past, or are they also materials for the construction of a sustainable future? Please come to discover yourself in this 5-day hands-on and experience workshop in Auroville.

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