Website of the international township of Auroville.
CRATerre-EAG, the International Centre for Earth Construction, is a scientific organization within the School of Architecture of Grenoble, (EAG), France. CRATerre-EAG is the world leader in earth architecture and construction.
Hassan Fathy
Website presenting the works of Hassan Fathy, the great egyptian architect, who promoted again earth architecture in the twentieth century.
Aureka - Earth construction equipment
Website of Aureka, the metal workshop manufacturing the Auram equipment.
Earth Block International
Earth Block International is a consulting and construction company based in the south-western United States dedicated to the promotion of Compressed Earth Block construction as a solution to global housing needs and environmental concerns.
Instituto Tierra y Cal A.C.
Instituto Tierra y Cal (ITyC) is a non-profit organization that focuses on training individuals in the use of Compressed Earth Blocks as well as environmentally sound living practices pertaining to food, water, and housing.
TierraTEC – Arquitectura de Tierra
TierraTEC is an enterprise which produces and commercializes compressed stabilised earth blocks. The company also sells readymade stabilised earth mortar and paints. TierraTEC set up production units on site so as to reduce costs and to propose more ecological projects, sensitive to the environment and the climate change. TierraTEC sensitize all kinds of public and communities, either private or public, to earthen architecture.
Poured earth by Living Systems Sustainable Architecture (LSSA)
LSSA is an architecture and construction service, setting the design and build standards that make poured earth technology available for developed and developing countries.
It is an appropriate technology as it is regionally adaptable for low through high tech uses.
Poured earth is helping to bring earthen construction into the 21st century as uses mixing, placing and delivery systems of the well developed concrete industry.
ABC Terra
Website of the Brasilian centre for earth construction.
Rammed Earth Works
Website of David Easton, dedicated to rammed earth in USA.
Earth Building Foundation
Official website of the Earth Building Foundation, New Mexico, USA.
The Adobe Alliance
The purpose of the Adobe Alliance is to build low-cost energy efficient housing that is climatically and environmentally compatible and to fill widespread needs for sustainable, salubrious housing while enhancing the unique landscape of the Big Bend region of West Texas and other desert environments.
The Earth Building Research Forum
Forum about earth building research. Web site of the University of Technology Sidney
Dachverband Lehmbau
Website of the german network of earth builders.
Lehm Fachverband Schweiz
Swiss network of earth construction and builders
Centro da Terra
The Portuguese centre for earth construction, which aims to preserve the earthen heritage and promote a new earthen architecture.
Earth Architecture
The Earth Architecture website focuses on architecture constructed of raw earth and serves as a database for the discussion and dissemination of events, resources, and images of earth architecture in the context of contemporary architecture culture.
Proterra is a network uniting Portugal, Spain, and Latin America that encourages the use of earth as a building material through publications, training courses, demonstration building projects, and other events. Their website is in Spanish and Portuguese.
Cal-Earth is a non-profit foundation dedicated to research and education of the public in environmentally oriented arts and architecture. Its philosophy is based on the equilibrium of the natural elements of earth, water, air, and fire, and their Unity at the service of the arts and humanity.
Earth Structures Europe
Earth Structures Europe is committed to promoting the use of stabilised rammed earth in construction in Europe.
The Building Advisory Service and Information Network is a network on appropriate building technologies. It manages a knowledgebase providing information on documents, equipment, know-how ressources and question and answer.
Basin South Asia Regional Knowledge Platform (Basin - SA) is committed to developing knowledge systems and promoting collaborative action within South Asia to enable access by the poor to sustainable habitat and livelihoods.
Building and Social Housing Foundation
The Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF) is an independent research and education institute. It was established in 1976 as a registered charity (Number 270987) with the objective of carrying out research into residential housing.
SIREwall Inc.
Earth walls for the 21st century! SIREwall provides support, systems and training for those who wish to build with stabilized, insulated rammed earth. SIREwall Inc. is based in Salt Spring Island, Canada.
Ancient Earth School of Natural Building
Ancient Earth School of Natural Building is located in Washington State, USA, and is dedicated to experiential education through building sustainable structures with natural materials. Building with natural materials has been described as: “magical, life changing, inspiring, healthy and non-toxic”.
La Voute Nubienne
The NGO “La voute Nubienne” has developed a simplified and standardised version of the ancient Nubian vault technique for building earthen houses and various buildings in rural areas of Burkina Faso and neighbouring countries. Their training and construction programme “Earth roofs in the Sahel” shows an exponential growth since 2000.
Rammed Earth Canada
The group Rammed Earth Canada is composed of builders and designers who are building with rammed earth in Canada for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life by developing affordable, insulated and stabilized rammed earth homes and communities.
ECOMOBILIA is a Honduran company dedicated to the design and construction of ecological houses using the oldest and more economic forms of construction: earth blocks; made by combining soil, high-pressure hydraulic and a soil stabilizer. Also offer a range of devices for "greening" your home.
Project Terra
The objective of Project Terra is to develop the conservation of earthen architectural heritage.


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