Technology transfer - Haiti, August 2011

The Auroville Earth Institute has been conducting in August a training course for the production and use of Compressed Stabilised Earth Block (CSEB) at Port au Prince, Haiti.

Satprem Maïni, director of the Auroville Earth Institute and Ms. Amandine Haviez, Engineer from the Institute spent three weeks from the 30th July till the 20th August to train the team of an NGO, 1000 Jobs Haiti. Thirteen workers and three technicians were trained for the production of blocks with the Auram Press 3000 designed by the Auroville Earth Institute and produced by Aureka. Three architects from MASS design Group / Boston USA and six local architects were also trained for the design with CSEB for earthquake resistance and building arches, vaults and domes.

A few days of the course were spent to give the basics masonry features for earthquake resistance developed by the Auroville Earth Institute. The first production of blocks will be used to build a hospital for tuberculosis patients at Port au Prince. Later on the NGO will go on producing blocks to built guest houses and houses on the central plateau at Mirebalais.

1. Theoretical course on production of CSEB

2. Theoretical course on arches, vaults and domes

3. Personal work for stability calculation of vaults

4. Explaining the use of the Auram Press 3000

5. Production of the first blocks

6. Block production

7. Ramming a stabilised reamed earth foundation

8. Reinforcement of the plinth beam

9. Casting concrete of the plinth beam
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