Various Auram Equipment

A wide range of equipment for building with earth has been researched and developed from the early days of the Auroville Earth Institute. It ranges from presses for compressed stabilised earth blocks, quality control devices for block making, handling equipment, hand tools, scaffolding, and rammed earth equipment.

This equipment is regularly used on the construction sites of Auroville and this equipment is regularly improved and developed. The Auram equipment is produced in Auroville by our metal workshop, Aureka. As our equipment is regularly perfected, the series productions are each time limited to a small number of machines (~10 at a time). Therefore, we can insure that people get the most innovative and high-performance model.

To date, this equipment is sold worldwide, on all continents as the Auram Press 3000 is renowned as being one the best press: South Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South and North Americas.

Auram press 3000 - Multimould press (18 moulds)

The Auram press 3000, on a wheels for road transportation

Auram presses 240, 290, 248 or 298 - Single mould manual presses, Note that these presses are not produced anymore
Pocket penetrometre ( 5 kg/cm2 ) for checking the compression quality of freshly compressed blocks
Field block tester for testing the bending strength of blocks

Wheelbarrows from 50 to 250 litres for measuring / carrying soil flat wheelbarrows for transporting blocks

Rammed earth form 100, for doing walls of 36.5 to 99 cm & 240 cm high
Rammed earth form 224 for doing walls of 99 to 224 cm long & 240 cm high

Auram press 3000

Auram press 3000 - Limited series production

Rammed earth corner form for doing L walls, Of L 74/100 cm side & 240 cm high

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