Hourdi Roofing

Testing hourdi blocks - 750 kg on 8 hourdis = 3125 kg/m2
The hourdi block produced by the Auram press 3000 is used to create floors and roofs.

These blocks rest either on reinforced concrete T beams or on ferrocement channels.

As these blocks are hollow they create roofs which are more comfortable under a hot climate.

The resistance of these blocks is extremely high. We could not break 8 hourdis with 750 Kg stacked upon them, which means about 3125 Kg/m2.

Hourdi blocks on concrete T beams

Placing T beams for a roof with hourdi blocks

Adjusting hourdi blocks

Concreting the roof with a cement concrete

Roof with hourdi blocks and T beams

Hourdi blocks on ferrocement channels

Adjusting hourdi blocks in between ferrocement channels

Casting an earth concrete: 1 cement: 2 soil: 3 sand: 4 gravel

Floor with hourdi blocks and ferrocement channels

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