Wind Turbines

This training program has been developed from the methodology of Hugh Piggott, author of The Wind Turbine Recipe Book. During the one-week course, participants will learn to construct a simple, low-cost 600W wind turbine with a 2.4m-diameter rotor. The course will involve woodwork to hand grind the blades of the rotor, metalworking, and generator fabrication.

Eligibility: Some knowledge of electrical required.

Duration: Six day course; Classes from 8:30am to 5pm.

Course content:
This course will be taught in a hands-on format, teaching students step by step how to build their own wind turbine.

- Introduction to wind power generation
- Woodworking & metalworking
- Winding the coils
- Casting the stator coil & rotor magnet disks
- Generator fabrication
- Basic principles of the furling tail system & tower installation
- Assembling & testing of the wind turbine
- Basic principles of the electrical system & battery connection

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