Our Services

Soil testing

You are interested to build with earth, but you don´t know if your soil is suitable or how to compose your mix? We can do soil testing for you: you just need to send us one sample of 1 Kg, with references: sampling depth, sampling conditions, etc. In case the quarry has really different soil type´s veins, it is preferable to send various samples. Another advice: never take the topsoil with the sample, only the subsoil.

Sensitive analysis can be done but also laboratory analysis. For more information, you can contact us at info@earth-auroville.com

Block testing

At the Auroville Earth Institute, we can test your blocks with our compression testing machine. You can get dry compressive strength or wet compressive strength. Our tests follow a strict procedure to get reliable results. Contact us at info@earth-auroville.com for more information.

CSEB Order

Do you plan to build with CSEB´s? We are producing blocks for the Auroville area (until Chennai), but we have also a worldwide network of producers. Contact us at info@earth-auroville.com for any enquiry if you wish to become a producer.

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